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The Artist - A Documentary was released on May 15, 2021.  The media is already buzzing with interviews, profiles, and critic reviews. In this section we’ve listed highlights of our news coverage, including behind-the-scenes exclusives with cast and crew members. Contact our press team with any media inquiries.



Progress is being made in the production of The Artist - A Documentary

I've had a great time spending the better part of the last three months traveling to Dayton, Ohio and Tipp City meeting with a variety of wonderful and talented artists.This experience has given me a new perspective on life as an artist as well as the concept of the artistic community.

Production continues as I begin the second phase of interviews consisting of experts, educators and administration figures in the community.

Production and post editing is complete. We are looking at a release date some time in mid to late April.



During my last visit to Tipp, City, I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with the beautiful  and talented Toni Gabrielle. She will be appearing in The Artist-A Documentary. Here is one of the pics from our shoot.

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